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Gourmet Burgers
**All Gourmet Burgers are 1/2 pound of Prime Nebraska Beef cooked medium-well because that's what tastes better.
If you prefer we ruin it...we'll do well done!!

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Totally Taco Burger $11.99 each
Additional seasoned taco meat, three cheeses, special sauce, crisp lettuce, and fresh pico

Big Pig Burger $12.49 each
Smoked pulled pork AND thick bacon with sharp cheddar, tangy BBQ and crispy onion

Mi-hammy Heat Burger $11.99 each
Triple smoked ham, double pepperjack, Cajun seasoning and our "hot bbq" with crispy onions.

Drunken Patty Burger $11.99 each
A mound of "Bock Beer" boiled onions, two cheese and a sweet bourbon glaze that will end up on your shirt.

Buzz Kill Burger $11.45 each
Double the pepperjack, Cajun seasoning, our "buzz kill" sauce, fresh pico and crispy onions.

Hangover Burger $12.49 each
Hash browns, three cheeses, thick bacon, scrambled eggs and secret sauce.

Messy Mushroom Burger $11.99 each
Twice the cheese, triple mushrooms and dripping with brown gravy.

Reuben Burger $11.99 each
Double Swiss cheese, grilled corned beef, tangy sauerkraut and thousand island.

Cowboy Burger $12.49 each
Topped with smoked brisket, sharp cheddar, tangy BBQ, and crispy onions

Bleu Moon Burger $11.45 each
Double the ham, two thick slices of bacon, swiss cheese, and our creamy bleu cheese.

Pepper Jack Mac Burger $11.99 each
Topped with Bacon, Pepper jack Cheese, fried onion and mac n cheese.

Parmesan Peppercorn Burger $11.99 each
Thick bacon, swiss and parmesan cheeses, fresh tomato, and our peppercorn sauce.

All American Monster Burger $12.99 each
It starts with prime Nebraska beef, then thick bacon, extra cheese, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, big pickles, slice of onion and special sauce.