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Thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin, such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry or shellfish reduces the risk of foodborne illness.
Individuals with certain health conditions may be at higher risk if these foods are consumed raw or undercooked. Consult your physician or public health official for further information.

Look throughout the menu for our featured favorites marked with (HK)!

First Quarter Favorites


We’re serious about our Wings!

All wing orders are 1 lb and served with Creamy Ranch or Bleu Cheese and crispy celery sticks for $7.99

Baker Shake BBQ

Add a cup of soup or chili to any meal for only $1.99

On the GREEN

Available Dressings:
Ranch | Creamy Italian | Honey Mustard | Dorothy Lynch | 1000 Island | Bleu Cheese | Caesar | Oil & Vinegar | Home-made Salsa


All Sandwiches served with fries, unless otherwise indicated

Add a cup of soup, chili or a house salad for only $1.99

Main Event

Served with our Dinner Salad and your choice of French Fries or Mashed Potatoes

Top your potato choice with cheese for $0.99
Add a cup of soup or chili for only $1.99

Add (3) Jumbo Shrimp to any meal for just $3.00
Add a Cup of Soup or Chili for only $1.99

Gourmet Burgers

Served with your choice of:
Fries | House Salad | Coleslaw

Add a Cup of Soup, or Chili for only $1.99

All burgers are cooked to a MEDIUM WELL, because that’s what tastes better


For Kids Only (12 and Under) Comes with Fries and a Drink



Full Bar & 17 Beers on Tap

Daily Dessert Specials!

(Ask your server)