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Weekly Drink Specials

Happy Hour Specials

Monday-Friday 3-6pm Only

Bottle Beer (12 oz. cans included)

Domestic Bottles $2.25
Craft and Premium Bottles $3.25

Draft Beer

Domestic Draft Pint $2.50
Mega Domestic Draft 23 oz. $3.25
Craft Draft Pint $3.25
Mega Draft Craft $4.25
Domestic Draft Beer Pitcher $9
Craft Draft Beer Pitcher $11


Well Drinks (Tall-Short-Short) $2.50
Premium Drinks (Tall-Short-Short) $2.50

bartender pouring beer into a pint
pitcher of beer

Friday All Day / All Night Pitcher Special

Domestic Draft Pitcher $9

All Day and All Night

Craft Draft Pitchers $11

(Only 3pm - 6pm)

Saturday All Day / All Night

25 ounce Big Cans $3.50

closeup of beer can tops
several beer bottles in ice

Sunday All Day / All Night

5-Bottle Domestic Buckets of Beer $12

5-Bottle Craft and Premium Buckets of Beer $14